Restaurants in Kaş

Kas has numerous restaurants to choose from and all offer incredible sea food specialities, even if you are not a particular fan of seafood there’s plenty of choice. There are a variety of restaurants serving world cuisines including traditional Turkish, Greek and Italian food specialities.

Seafood Restaurants

In the holiday towns, there is a very different gastronomic culture. There are many restaurants that seem to be waiting for you in places where restaurants may not even need to exist. The flagship dish of these restaurants is, of course, seafood. For example, you can try many different dishes such as squid egg sour shrimp and fish bacon pie. Or you can go to traditional flavors such as grilled sea bream, grilled sea bass or mackerel instead of these.

Turkish Cuisine

We recommend that you try the meat dishes from Turkish cuisine, and if the meatballs are on the menu, you can safely choose them. Kas is famous for its cheese and wines. You should try Keskul, a special dessert made by local people. Our only tip: do not forget to bring home a souvenir.

Italian Cuisine

Italian cuisine, one of the most famous cuisines, is in Kas with pizzas and pastas. Since these foods are made in a different way than we do, if you have never tried it before, you definitely need to go and try them without thinking about the difference. When you try it yourself, you will immediately see the difference in both taste and presentation.

French Cuisine

French cuisine is one of the cuisines that should definitely be tried by those who come to Kas. Thanks to the French restaurants in Kas, you can taste the French cuisine. Foie gras, dry steak, onion soup with melted cheese, onion jam etc. You can experience many dishes according to your taste in French restaurants.”