Nightlife in Kaş

Kaş has become well known as an eclectic destination for music lovers. It boasts several live music venues and an abundance of charming and quirky bars and clubs in the winding old town streets. Live music nights and DJ performances in clubs in Kaş are very popular and in the height of summer a reservation can be needed. There are also many bars in Kaş with a more chilled out vibe who cater for sunset cocktails with stunning views over the Mediterranean.


Whatever your taste in nightlife Kaş has it covered.

Unique Jazz Venues

You can spend a nice night in these venues, which host many genres of music such as rock music, jazz music, pop music, period music (80s, 90s, etc.). Kas is a memorable venue with its unique view points.

Greek Taverns

Greek taverns are one of the places where people who go to Kas should definitely go. You will have a nice night thanks to these places, which are served according to the Greek tradition and have the Greek tavern menu.

Cozy Pubs

How about unwinding in a pleasant atmosphere after a long day? We suggest that you can start your night out with exciting live music in the most popular pubs and bars of Kas.

Night Clubs

Nightlife in Kas is all year round. You can enjoy your time at any time of the year with a view of the beauty of Kas while having fun in numerous clubs. We recommend that you go early or at least make a reservation before you go

Kaş Streets

If you don’t want to be stuck in a noisy bar for the night, Kas’s quietest streets are an alternative. You can take your loved ones and have a walk in Kas’s more peaceful streets. You can either buy something from the souvenir shops.

Coffee Shops

In addition to the night entertainment venues, coffee shops that are open all night in Kas offer you a different atmosphere and good service. If you don’t want to consume any drinks, you can look at the food and snacks in the cafes.